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Announcing the SABC Swiss Innovation Award 2020 in December 2020

Promotion of The SABC Swiss Innovation Award 2020

The SABC plans to promote these finalists through numerous channels to ultimately showcase Swiss ingenuity that is helping the world and in particular, the United States during the COVID-19 challenge.

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The SABC Swiss Innovation Initiative

In 2018, SABC launched the Switzerland Innovates Initiative. The Initiative promotes Swiss Innovation in the Chicagoland area through events, networking and information exchange. In connection with the Initiative, the SABC awarded the first Innovation Award to BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc. at our annual Christmas Dinner in December 2018.

To continue the great tradition during these unique times, we, at the SABC, are proud to announce the SABC Swiss Innovation Award 2020 focusing on COVID-19-related innovations.  

Due to the pandemic this year and the cancellation of our Christmas Dinner, we have decided to adjust and announce the SABC Swiss Innovation Award 2020 related to COVID-19-related innovations.  This award recognizes Swiss-affiliated manufacturers and service providers in the U.S. that have made special efforts to assist the community, safeguard its employees and effectively and safely maintain business continuity in the face of challenges caused by the pandemic. This will be a promotional campaign to showcase Swiss contributions to the efforts of combating COVID-19.  We will highlight all finalists that meet the following criteria:

The following are the criteria to qualify the finalists:

A Swiss affiliated company with a footprint in the US Midwest.
Does the COVID-19-related product or service meet an unmet need (uniqueness)?
Is the COVID-19 product or service presently in the market and providing a benefit?


Christmas 2020

SABC Christmas Event 2020 goes virtual – a week of Swiss innovation and culture

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the SABC decided to cancel the in-person Christmas Dinner and Fundraiser 2020 and hold a live online event in December 2020 instead.

Dates and links will be provided soon.


Luncheon Postponed

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the luncheon scheduled for May 5th, 2020 at the Detroit Athletic Club has been postponed. We appreciate your understanding and we will send an updated invitation once a date is determined.

We hope you stay safe and well!



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