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We are very proud to announce this Swiss Innovation Award 2018

As part of our initiative we have also launched the SABC Innovation Award. On Dec. 6th, the award was presented for the first time. This award is in recognition of a new product, service or process that created a breakthrough and a meaningful impact in the market or society, has strengthened the Swiss American business relationship and has been launched in the last 3 years.

This year’s winner is:

BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc.

For the EWE Fine Boring Heads

EWE fine boring heads feature a digital display to show incremental movement of the cutting edge. They use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to the BIG KAISER app. When used together, application information is combined with data from the boring head to show the expected output from the tool and guide operators to make a diameter correction based on the tolerance and the last measured bore produced by the tool. Color-coded dimensions give operators a visual cue when the tool is back in tolerance and ready to continue production, decreasing the risk of adjustment errors. The range of EWE boring heads has been expanded to include ultra-small diameter boring heads, completing the system for all sizes of tools.
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The other finalists were:

For the e-connect Ethernet communications system between CNC machines and Bar Loaders.
More information click here.

HEULE Precision Tools for the BSF Tool, an automated tool for back spotfacing and back couterboring in high volume production:
More information click here.



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