Organization Name Description
Furnishings + Accessories, LLC Interior design, procurement and installation services.
Simeno, Inc. Global corporate e-procurement software & catalog services.

Furnishings + Accessories, LLC
Established in 2010, Furnishings + Accessories, LLC, is a professional services firm, offering interior and architectural design, furnishings procurement and installation services for discerning commercial and residential clients. Let us assist you with your new residence, or relocating your offices to Chicago. Our staff of Licensed Architects and Interior Designers, can engage you in Spanish, Mandarin and German.

Kathleen Hess
Managing Member
17 East Monroe, Suite 153
Chicago IL 60603

Simeno, Inc.
Simeno provides global corporate e-procurement software & catalog services which save a great deal of money to the bottom line. With Simeno, all buyers have an efficient requisition-to-pay for key processes covering indirect procurement products/services. Simeno’s strength replaces the typical ERP requisition-to-pay process while still utilizing the ERP Accounts Payable system for expedited handling/processing. Learn more about Simeno today during a consultative discovery meeting to see if you could be saving more money in procurement.

Joseph Reed
Business Development
656 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60661