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Midwest Outreach for Swiss Art, Innovation and Culture (pdf)

A free publication brought to you by the Swiss American Business Council in collaboration with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Chicago and the Swiss Benevolent Society of Chicago

Mosaic XI-3: April 2013
Mosaic X-1: October 2011
Mosaic IX-4: July 2011
Mosaic IX-2: January 2011
Mosaic IX-1: October 2010
Mosaic VIII-4: July 2010
Mosaic VIII-3: April 2010
Mosaic VIII-2: January 2010
Mosaic VIII-1: October 2009
Mosaic VII-3: April 2009
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Mosaic VII-1: October 2008
Mosaic VI-2: July 2008
Mosaic VI-1: October 2007
Mosaic V-3: April 2007
Mosaic V-2: January 2007

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