SABC offers six levels of membership:

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1. Presidents Club Membership – $20,000 or more

2. Platinum Membership – $10,000 or more

3. Gold Membership – $5,000 or more

4. Silver Membership – $1,000 or more

5. Corporate Membership – $500 annually

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All of the individual benefits below plus:

  • Logo promotion on website and other promotional material of the SABC
  • Member spotlight on SABC Web site with link
  • Half page color advertisement in the Biennial Swiss Business Directory
  • Opportunity to host of open house events
  • Business-to-business and business-to-government facilitation on local regional and global levels
  • Invited to senior executive sessions with leading business and governmental officials

6. Individual Member – $150 annually

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  • Invitation to all SABC events, including exclusive members-only programs, such as sessions with trade and government officials
  • Professional and social networking opportunities
  • Promotional opportunities to a focused audience
  • Reduced charge for paid events
  • Access to an entrepreneurial community
  • Business Card promotion in our biennial (every two years) Swiss Business Directory
  • Connect to the Swiss-American business and social community
Membership Packet
To receive our complete SABC Membership Packet, including a free copy of the latest SABC Directory email to:

Thomas Soseman, Chairman of the Board and President
Swiss-American Business Council
Membership Services
P.O. Box 64975
Chicago, IL 60601

We are looking for Founding Sponsors and Members


To accomplish this exciting growth strategy, we look to the community to be part of the exciting efforts. We are in need of Founding Sponsors who believe in our mission and objectives and want to not only be part of this initial growth phase but also take advantage of the very unique opportunities offered. Founding Sponsorships start at $5,000, with levels at $10,000 and $20,000 and benefits are numerous and very customized. We would be pleased to sit down with you and your organization to further discuss this wonderful opportunity. If you are interested in becoming a founding sponsor please contact us at


Membership Application

    Corporate Member ($500)Individual ($150)

    Full Contact Name:

    Other Contacts to be listed:

    Company Name (if applicable):

    Explanation of Business (if applicable):

    Yes - a subsidary of a Swiss Company.No - not a subsidary of a Swiss Company.

    If yes, What is the Mother company in Switzerland?:

    If no, what is your affliliation/interest with Switzerland?

    Mailing Address:

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