Swiss Consulate Closing

Correspondence between SABC and the Swiss Government from October 2013: SABC_Letter.pdf / SABC_Letter_Germann.pdf

Switzerland-U.S. trade represents a significant portion of transatlantic commerce:

  • Switzerland is the 6th largest foreign investor in the United States, with over 700 Swiss companies providing employment for more than half a million Americans.
  • Each year, Swiss firms export more than $15 billion in goods to the U.S. market which makes the United States the second largest importer of Swiss Goods.
  • The United States is the largest foreign investor in Switzerland with American investments of over $70 billion.

Switzerland is also the International Management Gateway to Europe:

  • First preference for European International Headquarters followed by U.K.
  • Switzerland comes in first place as the European key location for Research & Development
  • In the WEF Global Competitiveness Index 2006-2007 Switzerland ranked No.1 followed by Finland and Sweden

This information is designed to assist Swiss companies and professionals seeking to expand their business activities in the U.S., particularly the Midwest region

More information is below for assisting U.S. companies and professionals planning to expand their business activities in Switzerland.

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Doing Business in Switzerland

General Country Information

SWITZERLAND – a land of opportunities
swissflaglogoblockTotal area: 41,293 sq. kilometers (25,800 sq. miles)
Total boundaries: 1,852 km (with Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Germany)
Population: 7,283,200 (2001 est.)
Capital: Bern
Major Cities: Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, and Zurich
Founding Date: August 1, 1291
Hear the Swiss National Anthem (MP3)
About the Swiss National Anthem

The Federal Council
(The eight members form the country’s Executive Branch of government)

swissfedcouncilSwitzerland’s origins date back to 1291, when three small Alpine cantons joined forces to create an alliance following democratic principles. Since 1848, Switzerland has been a federal state, consisting of 23 cantons, three of which (Unterwalden, Appenzell and Basel) are divided into two half-cantons for historical reasons, and the most recent of which was formed in 1978 (canton of Jura). There are several German-speaking and French-speaking cantons, one Italian-speaking canton and cantons in which both German and French are spoken. In one canton (Grisons) German, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic (Rumantsch) are spoken. There are also cantons which are virtually made up of just of one city (e.g., Geneva).

As the world’s oldest existing direct democracy and a recognized symbol of peace, Switzerland has gained a unique appeal across the globe. Its appealing qualities are also prominent in business and trade. Each year Switzerland attracts extensive foreign direct investment because of the strength of its economy, its state-of-the-art infrastructure, its favorable legal and tax systems, its highly skilled workforce, and its stable government policies. The country also represents a key location for foreign companies to deal with the European market. Switzerland consistently ranks among the top 10 countries in economic studies and is one of the leading economies in Europe based on per capita GDP.

Today, over 600 U.S. companies, including a number of Fortune 500 companies, have set up operations in Switzerland, helping increase total U.S. investments in the alpine country to nearly $60 billion. Furthermore, Switzerland is a key to Europe, both as a geographically ideal location, with much of the continent’s transportation, telecommunications, and energy crossing the country, and economically, with some of the strongest financial institutions in the world headquartered in the country.

Federal Department of Finance
OSEC Business Network
Location Switzerland (or for: US-based site)
State Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Federal Department of Economy
Federal Statistics Office
Swiss Embassy in the U.S.
U.S. Embassy in Switzerland
U.S. Commercial Service, Switzerland
Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Dept. of State FY 2001 Trade Guide: Switzerland
OECD Economic Survey of Switzerland
Swiss Federation of Trade Unions
Swiss Banking Commission
Swiss Tourism Federation
Federal Office for Education and Science

Regional business information
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Industry Associations
Swiss Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industries (SWISSMEM)
Swiss Society of Chemical Industries (SSCI)
Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH)
Swiss Textile Federation (SGCI)
Swiss Shippers’ Council
Swiss Association of Logistic
Swiss Plastics Association
Association of Swiss Metal-Working Industry Sub-Contractors (SMZ)
Swissmechanic (SM)
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Swiss Association of the Info., Comm. & Organization Industry (SWICO)
The Swiss Association for Environmental Technology (SVUT)
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Swiss Association of Private Hospitals (SAPH)
Swiss Spa Association
Swiss Federation of Private Schools in Switzerland
Swiss Association of Purchasing and Materials Management
Federation of Swiss Importers and Wholesale-Traders
Swiss Research Information System

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